• Panacea Powerdose Pvt. Ltd. - A Venture By K Sera Sera Group

About Panacea & its Products

Panacea is an associate company of K Sera Sera Group who has launched a new and very unique concept of Chocolate Pharmacy for the first time in the world. Every individual feels that it is anytime better to eat a chocolate rather than a medicine. While consuming chocolates, an individual doesn’t get sick feeling and regular consumption of these chocolates can cure the illness and also enjoys the taste plus it enhances the mood as well. Panacea has studied world’s top researches and has chosen some of the best health beneficial herbs through which we are developing unique chocolate products.

All these chocolates are herbal and 100% sugar free and has NO side-effects. Panacea will be launching 15 to 20 herbal healthcare products. Out of which, 5 herbal chocolates have already been launched.

Sanjivani Jadi Buti Chocolate- It consists 100mg Original Cordyceps Sinensis which has scientifically proven to have various health benefits. Regular consumption of these chocolates can increase oxygen levels, protects kidney, lungs, liver and heart. It is also beneficial for people suffering from cancer and tumour.

Original Shilajit Chocolate- It consists 500 mg pure shilajit. Regular consumption of this increases sexual power, sperm count, male fertility, energy levels and testosterone levels in the body.

Diabetes Warrior- This chocolate is made with 200 mg Gymnema Sylvestre (Gudmar) which is specially developed for diabetics. This chocolate helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. It is very beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and it is capable of curing diabetes in 4 to 5 months.

Blood Pressure Warrior- It consists of 200 mg of Rauwolfia Serpentina (Sarpagandha) which helps in lowering high blood pressure levels and it keeps the blood pressure levels in control.

Immunity Booster Chocolate- This chocolate is made of 500 mg Giloy and 500 mg Gooseberry. It helps you boost your immunity by providing Vitamin C to your body and always helps you fight against Corona. Any individual can consume these chocolates as this helps you build your immunity and makes it stronger to fight against all the diseases.

Apart from all the mentioned products, we will also be launching products for anti-ageing, anti-depression, herbal Viagra etc.