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Customer Reviews

John Doe

Santosh Godambe

I am 44 years old, I have always been fond of having sweets but being a type 2 diabetic patient I had to resist my cravings. One day a friend of mine recommended me to try Cordyceps Sinensis to control my blood sugar levels and I searched through Internet and found Panacea Chocolate which claims to have Original Keedajadi, so I ordered it online. After trying it for a month, it has not only helped me to stabilise my blood sugar insulin level but also fulfils my sudden cravings. I feel very energetic and hopefully continuing this for few more months, it will cure my diabetes

Neha Agnihotri

Had heard about Cordycep Sinensis...Known as Himalayan Viagara... Had some misconceptions of it being used for sexual purpose only...Actually didn't know it's real benefits...The chocolate concept with Keedajadi is amazing with its taste which it is an immunity booster... It energized me so much that after half an hour I could climb 4 floors without panting and was still feeling energized.

John Doe

Radhika Agarwal

So I came across this ad on Instagram few days back and I thought of ordering Panacea chocolates. It claimed be a health and immunity booster chocolate which is not causing me any harm so I thought why not try it? And trust me ordering these chocolates was a really good decision not because I have some health issues or my immunity was low but the major ingredient that they use which is original cordyceps sinensis has so many benefits that it actually made me feel energetic the entire day. It’s just been 7 days that I have been having and I’m sure I’m reordering it soon for my parents as well.

Vikram Acharya

" Hi Folks, I'm 43 and have a heavy built structure at 120 kgs. Got to know bout cordycep chocolates a few days back & out of curiosity I started reading about this magical herb. In a short while google presented me with an information overload on this medicine and a strong urge to try same arose. Day 1 & 2,I experienced nauseatic pain initially within an hour of consuming 2 chocolates but the overall feel of energy was quite good. Day 3 onwards the dose was limited to single chocolate & I realised increased overall energy while at work & play. Minor pains & muscle stiffness too seamt to be easing up. Hangovers from drinks & late nights also kept on wading up. Now with more than 7 dosages I realise these chocolates have inherent capability to enhance overall stamina, clear ones thoughts, smoothen cardiovascular functions & weed out body pain and all this without any side effects."

John Doe

Shee tal Ahuja

"Nowadays, due to this covid we have very strict rules in our house as my grandma is 71yrs old, we fear a lot keeping her health in consideration. Bcoz of this lockdown we never allowed her to go out of house due to covid, we try lot of home remedies to boost our immunity then I came to know about Panacea chocolate through insta and I immediately ordered a pack of it and now every morning she take this chocolate. She use to have lot of body pain and becomes cranky but now she feels much relaxed. As this product contains cordyceps sinensis and it claims increases oxygen level in the body. Now she says I am feeling very energetic and no pain at all. I highly recommend this for all the elderly people"

John Doe

Anmol Kumar

" To be honest – When I had the first chocolate I felt a bit drowsy and slight pain around the temple area, also felt a bit irritated due this change observed after few hours of having the chocolate. I generally take stairs to reach the smoking zone at my office and every time I do this me and my colleague use to feel breathlessness for few seconds before we could light the cigarette but on the day I had this chocolate I felt different as I did not feel the breathlessness or did not feel the requirement of taking heavy breath, wasn’t sure why. Hence I continued having the chocolate the following week, now I feel so much different in my energy level and feel so fresh throughout the day... It’s like BRING IT ON, I AM ON FOR IT!!!"

John Doe

Shreya Kumari

" Hello, I am 24 years old and I suffered from a serious case of low haemoglobin due to which I had weakness and a very fast heart rate. I use to faint if I was standing for a long time or exercising. Once I even fainted while driving but thankfully my fellow passenger took control and saved from a major accident. No amount of beetroot juices or healthy food were helping me solve my problem. My family heard about Panacea chocolate with natural herbs online and they got a box for me. I started consuming it because it was very tasty and I was a fan of chocolates but within a week we saw a massive improvement in my red blood cells and haemoglobin level.I couldn’t believe it first that it was because of a chocolate I have been consuming but then I found out about cordycep sinensis present in the chocolate and the multiple benefits it brings to my body. My family is still shocked with my improvement and now my haemoglobin level is better than a normal person. Thank you Panacea for making me a healthy person and changing my life. "